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Habitat Conservation Area Off-Trail Permit Program

Habitat Conservation Areas (HCA) - Choose HCA

The permit is valid for the HCA you choose for the day of your trip.
Please click on the map below to select the HCA you plan to visit. Then follow the directions on the following pages to obtain an off-trail permit from the city of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks.

Available HCAs are outlined in red on the map. You must get a permit for each day you plan on being off-trail.

Please remember: Dog walking is not an allowed off-trail permit activity. Bicyclists must remain on designated trails that are open to bikes. Off-Trail Permits do not allow access into closure areas. View current closures.

HCA System City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks

Please click on the map above to select your HCA.


For more information on the Off-Trail Permit Program, alternative methods of applying,
and for help using this web page, call (303) 441-3440.